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. | gender queer | usa | 16 | ❤ | HU4L | .
|| kira neko | elliott ||
:humasks: by Fxy
Yo, the name's Adam. I'm furry trash that lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love Dangan Ronpa, Attack on Titan, Dramatical Murder, Pokemon, Achievement Hunter and My Little Pony. Feel free to talk to me at any time, I love meeting new people and I try my best to be as approachable as possible! *w* <3
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Top as dick's.

Pixel 3 by BeCarefulPaintPixel 3 by BeCarefulPaint Icons: Gavin and Kira by Swayayso

NNnnggg. So I am here to edit this again, because my last one wasn’t good enough. Ahhh.
So I just want to point out first of all, Adam is just so generous and so adorable. I just can’t with him<3
He is a sweetie pie, and I can’t.
Adam and I tend to have our disagreements and fights, but then we always make up, and we always fix up our mistakes and try make our friendship better. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without my boi.
He is like my… xray to my vav. He is my Michael to my gavin. He is my ray to my Michael. YOU SEE WHERE IM GETTING AT? He is just like my other half when it comes to friendship, because he is so dear, and I treasure him, and I will not let him go anymore. He travelled to Canada to come see me for a couple weeks in summer 2013, and let me tell you, those are some memories I wont forget. I have every picture from that time still on my phone. I have them on my facebook still. Ugh.
Adam may also come to my grad this year?? And that’s amazing. I can’t thank him enough. MY BOI, YOU DID GOOD MY BOI. YOU ARE MY LITTLE BOI. AND YOU’VE DONE SO MUCH THAT I AM PROUD OF, yo.
5 years and counting my boi. We’re going strong, and just wait until I go to your place. We’re going to have tons of fun.
But I’m sorry for all the things that I’ve done, and I hope you can forgive me! Butbutbut, over these next couple months im going to be kissing your ass, my boi. Because I can and I will, and you deserve it. Honestly you deserve more then what I can give. MUCH MORE.
You’ve grown up so much from when I first met you, and its just so amazing to see how you were before, AND how much your art skills have grown since then.
You’ve been my bestest friend since I was grade 7/8 and here I am graduating in 2014, and you are going to be there possibly. I hope I can be there for yours because I’d love to be there.
Remember to keep smiling and keep your head up all the time adam, my boi, because youre going to go far and achieve great things.
Love gavin, your boi.

Connecting Icons: Gavin and Kira by Swayayso



No One is Ever Going to Want Me- Giles Corey
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furaffinity= kiraneko813
youtube= kiraneko813

VaIentino was here
ilu adam

~ .:the bae:. ~
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VaIentino 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whispers do you mind if i change my icon? ;o;
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ZombieMutt13 3 days ago   General Artist
Thankyou so much for the watch! ♥
LethalAnxiety 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Two more months. 
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